Sunday, January 21, 2007

Idea Theft Sadness

You have a great idea that will make millions. Then the next step, the patent search, establishes that the idea is not new. So where are you now?

Angry, and very possibly disbelieving (although the attorney provided copies of the relevant patents).

I have seen it over and over again. Folks who cannot handle the reality check, because that means no millions on the horizon.

So it morphs into a conviction that someone is stealing your idea? Just awful, and nearly that awful are the folks convinced someone is stealing their ideas before they have had a professional search to see whether it is an old idea on which they can never secure proprietary rights.

And sadder still is the Chicago perp, feeding off the street talk out there, who ended up murdering the patent attorney, and the press which fed off the nonsense for days and day. Ugly. Just ugly, and beyond sad.

What more is there to say except those folks deserve to be scammed by the invention promotion industry. Unfortunate that some nice folks get scammed by the invention promo outfits too.

More information available for would-be inventors is available at the USPTO's website at Those who are into their delusions need not bother.


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