Friday, December 30, 2005

Even AOL into Invention Promotion?

Today there is a link on AOL's main page titled "Turn your ideas into cash". What is this? Clicked on it.

Click took me not to an article but to a search page. Search words "new invention". Search results, sponsored that is, were for Inventech, Davidson and other invention promotion firms.

AOL's headline should have read "Turn your cash over to someone else". More descriptive.

Yes there is cash there, there for the invention promotion firms. Their "clients" are on the giving, not the receiving, end.

It is extremely difficult to make any money on a new idea, unless it is in whatever field you are in. The only guaranty, of sorts, is that you will spend much money for nothing if you go to an invention promotion firm. Does not matter which one.

And I guess I need not wonder why so many people are so gullible. They not only hear it on radio, and see it on TV. Now even AOL is advertising for them. Anything for a buck. Disappointing. Think I will switch providers.

See FTC and USPTO links at the bottom of one of my prior postings.


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